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County Details
County #069: Houston MSA: Dothan Area of State: Southeast
Communities: Ashford, Avon, Columbia, Cottonwood, Cowarts, Dothan, Gordon, Kinsey, Madrid, Rehobeth, Taylor, Webb
Population and Income Estimates
  County 15-mile Radius 30-mile Radius 45-mile Radius
2010 Census
101,547 121,351 241,740 367,640
2018 Estimate
106,131 126,545 248,594 374,218
2023 Projection
108,763 129,296 251,941 376,950
2018 Est. Median Household Income
$44,952 $45,361 $44,007 $40,888
2018 Est. Median Age
40 40 40 41

Source: ESRI. Note: Radius data is from county seat. Portions of the Data include the intellectual property of Esri and its licensors and are used under license. Copyright © 2017 Esri and its licensors. All rights reserved.
County Labor Analysis
2017 Labor Force
County Civilian Labor Force Employment Unemployment Unemployment Rate
Houston 44,411 42,484 1,927 4.3%
2015 Workforce Commuting Patterns
There are 26,052 county residents working in the county and 12,651 working outside of the county. Additionally, there are a total of 19,166 residents living outside of Houston county that commute to jobs within the county.
Top Five Counties Receiving Workers
1. Dale    2. Coffee    3. Montgomery
4. Jefferson    5. Henry
Top Five Counties Sending Workers
1. Dale   2. Henry   3. Geneva
4. Coffee   5. Jefferson

Source: US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics; U.S.Census Bureau, Center for Economic Studies, LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (LODES) , OnTheMap application.
County Employment by Industry
Total: 46,868
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting: **
Mining: **
Utilities: **
Construction: 1,926
Manufacturing: 3,654
Wholesale Trade: 2,175
Retail Trade: 8,044
Transportation and Warehousing: **
Information: 620
Finance and Insurance: 1,176
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing: 392
Professional and Technical Services: 1,054
Management of Companies and Enterprises: 127
Administrative and Waste Services: 2,438
Educational Services: 329
Health Care and Social Assistance: 7,084
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation: 397
Accommodation and Food Services: 4,962
Other Services (except public administration): 1,144
Total Federal Government: 303
Total State Government: 969
Total Local Government: 7,068
County Wage by Industry
Total: $1,884,393,279
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting: **
Mining: **
Utilities: **
Construction: $83,184,065
Manufacturing: $149,608,402
Wholesale Trade: $104,802,625
Retail Trade: $223,747,667
Transportation and Warehousing: **
Information: $24,725,787
Finance and Insurance: $68,021,347
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing: $14,238,335
Professional and Technical Services: $61,098,156
Management of Companies and Enterprises: $7,386,036
Administrative and Waste Services: $61,311,904
Educational Services: $12,913,000
Health Care and Social Assistance: $371,421,905
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation: $7,354,351
Accommodation and Food Services: $73,118,163
Other Services (except public administration): $35,818,721
Total Federal Government: $18,618,174
Total State Government: $40,624,728
Total Local Government: $316,449,327
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, 2016 annual averages. Note: **Data do not meet BLS or state agency disclosure standards.
Major Employers in Houston County
Southeast Alabama Medical CenterHospital2,322
Wayne FarmsPoultry Processor-Wholesale1,306
Dothan City SchoolsSchool System1,200
Flowers HospitalHospital1,100
Southern Nuclear (Plant Farley)Power Plant950
City of DothanMunicipal Government920
Houston County SchoolsSchool System773
Michelin North AmericaTire Manufacturer550
AAA Cooper TransportationTrucking-Motor Freight425
SpectraCare Health SystemMental Health Services400
Major Manufacturing Employers in Houston County
Wayne FarmsPoultry Processor-Wholesale1,306
Southern Nuclear (Plant Farley)Power Plant950
Michelin North AmericaTire Manufacturer550
Twitchell Technical ProductsTextile Manufacturer350
Commercial Jet ServiceAircraft Servicing & Maintenance300
Treehouse FoodsNut Processor250
Globe Motor DivisionElectrical Motors - Manufacturers & Distributors210
Qualico Steel Company Inc.Steel Fabricators205
Cummings Resources LLC.Sign Manufacturing138
Swedish Match Cigars, Inc.Cigar Manufacturer131
Source: Local economic development contacts
2018 County Population 25 Plus by Education Attainment
Graduate/Professional Degree:   8.1%
Bachelors Degree: 14.0%
Associates Degree: 9.2%
Some College, No Degree: 22.7%
High School Graduate/GED: 31.6%
9-12th Grade (No Diploma): 10.3%
Less than 9th Grade: 4.3%

Source: ESRI. Note: Portions of the Data include the intellectual property of Esri and its licensors and are used under license. Copyright © 2017 Esri and its licensors. All rights reserved.
Colleges and Universities
George C Wallace Comm College - Dothan, AL
Troy University @ Dothan - Dothan, AL

Source: Alabama Commission on Higher Education. Note: Information on Alabama’s two and four year colleges can be found on the Commission’s website http://

School Systems
Dothan City
Houston County

Source: Alabama Department of Education; Note: Detailed information on Alabama’s public school systems and individual schools can be accessed on the Alabama Department of Education website;
2017 County Profile General Tax Structure
Ad Valorem Tax     Alabama has a state property tax rate of 6.5 mills (3 mills for education). Both county and city can levy property tax. All real and personal business property is assessed at 20% of fair market value.

Click here for more information on taxes for this Houston county (PDF)

Other Business Related Taxes County (Outside Incorporated Areas) State
State Tax General Rate: 1.00% 4.00%
Use Tax General Rate: 1.00% 4.00%
Sales Tax on Machinery: 0.50% 1.50%
Use Tax on Machinery: 0.50% 1.50%
Source: Alabama Department of Revenue; Note: Information on business-related taxes is available on the Alabama Department of Revenue website at Construction materials are taxed at the general rate. Inventories and goods-in-process are not taxed.
Interstates in County: None      
Federal Highways in County: US-231       US-431       US-84      
Railroads Serving County: CSX Transportation       Norfolk Southern      

Source: Alabama Department of Transportation Intermodal Division,

Commercial Air Service General Aviation Service
Nearest commerical air service: Dothan Regional Airport Nearest general aviation facility: Dothan Regional Airport
Dothan, AL Dothan, AL

Source: EDPA Survey of Commercial Airports; Alabama Department of Transportation Aeronautics Bureau;;