Advantage Alabama

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

601 Genome Way
Huntsville, Alabama 35806
Madison county

HudsonAlpha is a life science destination strategically formed to co-locate scientists and inventive educators in genomics with forward-thinking businesspeople to translate the promise of genomics into real-world benefits for people and their communities around the globe. The people who lead and operate HudsonAlpha includes world-class scientists, software engineers and statisticians. Its laboratories are home to students, postdoctoral fellows and scientific personnel from around the world. Leveraging genomics expertise through echnology, analysis and collaboration, HudsonAlpha taps into the best skills and resources in academia and industry. The HudsonAlpha 152-acre Biotech Campus is located in Huntsville, Alabama within Cummings Research Park, the 2nd largest research and technology park in the United States and the 4th largest in the world. The HudsonAlpha Biotech Campus is co-located with Fortune 500 companies with a range of high-tech industries; aerospace and defense, hardware and software development, engineering, research and development, all with the goal of transforming research into business success. HudsonAlpha is minutes from The Huntsville International Airport and convenient to Interstate 565, Interstate 65 and the Tennessee Waterway system. The flagship HudsonAlpha facility features 270,000 square feet of world-class state-of-the-art laboratory and office space with 10GB redundant path fiber. The lab spaces are built to the National Institute of Health (NIH) standards for biosafety, with single pass air and emergency power. The building layout encourages interaction throughout the Institute. Each floor has multiple conference rooms and two refreshment/coffee meeting areas, and the 1st floor atrium has a large auditorium, library, lounge area and café that is used by all occupants of the building and collaborating partners.


Celsion-Egen, Concero Scientific Inc., Conversant Bio, CyberGene Diagnostics, Delafield Solutons, Diatherix Laboratories Inc., Foresight Biosciences Inc., GeneCapture, iCubate Inc., iRepertoire Inc., iXpress Genes, Kailos Genetics Inc., Leavendary, MetaboloStasis Therapeutics, Microarrays, Inc., Molecular Logic, Prozone Water Products Inc., Serina Therapeutics Inc., Smith Asset Management, SouthernCord, ThermoFisher Inc., transOMIC Technologies, Trideum Corporation, Ubiquity Genomics,Volatile Analysis Corporation, CFDRC, MVW Nutritionals,

Number of Employees: 100-249

Primary Company Industry Sector(s):
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Educational Services

Carter Wells
VP for Economic Development
601 Genome Way