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Site Name: Lakepoint AdvantageSite AS187 Site ID: 20928  
Street Address: Hwy 431 at Lakepoint Industrial Park Road Additional Address: Lakepoint Industrial Park Road
Nearest City: Eufaula Within City Limits? Yes Zip Code: 36027
County: Barbour MSA: Lat/Long: 31.95420301 / -85.12173693
Within Enterprise Zone? Yes Within Renewal Community?
Within HubZone? Within New Market Tax Credit Area?
Type of Site: Industrial
Located in Industrial Park? Park Name:
General Site Data
Total Acres: 30.90 Available Acres: 30.90 Additional Available? Yes
Largest Tract: Smallest Tract:
Protective Covenants? Yes Phase 1 Environmental? Yes
Within Favored Geo Area? Yes
Preliminary Geotechnical Report? Topography: Flat
Preliminary Wetlands Assessment? Yes Ecological Review (endangered species)? Yes
Cultural/Historical Resources Review? Yes Zoning: Heavy Industry
Previous Use: Agriculture Description of Use:
Natural Gas: SE Alabama Gas District (existing) Size of Main: 8 in Main PSI: 800
Second Natural Gas:
Water: City of Eufaula Water (existing) Size of Main: 10 in
Sewer: City of Eufaula Water (existing) Size of Main: 8 in
Electric: Alabama Power Company (existing)
Transmission? Yes Distance to Service:
Distribution? Yes Distance to Service:
Alt. Electric:
Specify if other:

Specify if other:

Fiber Optics? Yes Redundancy? Yes
Interstate Miles to Access
US Highway Miles to Access Four-Laned?
State Highway Miles to Access Four-Laned?

Rail Service: Track Status: Not Available
Rail Service #2: Track Status: Not Specified
Navigable Waterway: Dock Facility: Port > 50 miles
Nearest Commercial Air City: Columbus, GA Miles to Service: 49
Nearest Municipal Air City: Eufaula Miles to Service: 1.0
Sale Price: $20000.00 per acre Lease Rate: $ Negotiable? Yes Date Quoted 6/13/2018
Price Comments:
Current Park Tenants
Area Amenities